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Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, I've desperately been trying to not talk about my disgust in general with today's music, in particular the genre formally known as Hip Hop. If you were born before 1982, then you probably know that it sucks and sucks greatly, so greatly in fact that if you hated Hip Hop in the 90's and heard the same Hip Hop you once hated back then and compared for what passes today you would fucking love the shit now. At first I thought maybe I'm just getting old (and I am), but goddamn it can we came make some music of fucking quality and I'm not just referring to Hip Hop, I'm talking ALL GENRES!!!
Here's a little FYI, if you build it they will come. You don't have to keep making shit music to get a record deal, and the record companies don't necessarily have to sign shitty bands, but it's there fault for doing so all for the sake of being "competitive"...I'm done ranting, here's A Tribe Called Quest, Oh My God, from Midnight Marauders (it's the remix, when remixes actually meant something)

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