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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


As of this writing, there's still no definite word on the cause of death, but Nate Dogg, born Nathaniel Dwayne Hale (August 19, 1969 - March 15, 2011)had had some ongoing health issues since 2007 after suffering a series of strokes. I'll be the first to admit that listening to music during and after the golden age of Hip Hop where West Coast Hip Hop was on the raise that Nate Dogg annoyed me for no other reason that he was featured on so many damn songs, but for no other reason.

Nate Dogg helped put West Coast on the map, he was a major factor that contributed to define the sound of the G-Funk Era in the same way that Maceo Parker helped define that James Brown sound. Would West Coast be what it was without Nate Dogg? Yes, probably, but he helped it so much that the sound itself is that much more unique. As life goes on in Hip Hop we lose many Rappers, Emcees, or whatever we call them and with each of their passing, the era of Hip Hop that WE love grows smaller and smaller...

Nate Dogg was 41 years old and like many others before him, he was far too young and will be sorely missed.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Music To Grind To (Old School)

Ever notice that today's R&B artists don't really say shit that's interesting? What the fuck are you talking about...BEYONCE?! They don't really inspire you take that person you love (or that person you want to...y'know)and rip every piece of goddamn clothing off (take off your earrings, ankle bracelets, toe rings, body glitter, African medallions, diamond teeth, etc).

I know I'm being bias because there's some artists who do that currently, but they still don't sound quite like Barry White or Teddy Pendergrass or fucking Lou Rawls for chrissakes! WE NEED SOME FUCKING AT ART LABOE MIX TAPES!!! Or of course you could turn on the radio and listen to late night slow jams, but I don't do mainstream (#fuckyeahhippsterariel)

If I wore panties...!

Now, Dwele is the only new school cat (he's actually been around for awhile) that my ears can digest besides D'angelo and since that brotha's on crack...

I would ask for suggestions for "baby making music", but since nobody reads this shit I find it a little redundant.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Evolution of a Track pt .2

My boy Kendogg Castillo hipped me to this. You see back in the day (10 or 11yrs ago) people for some reason stopped sampling records, and while it can be debated that sampling isn't really as good as knowing how to play a real instrument, it's gotta be a hell of a lot better than not knowing how to sing yet tormenting my fucking eardrums and sensibilities by auto-tuning your non singing ass...I'm done ranting now.

Here's a bonus...BIGGIE AND SINATRA

This album has been floating around for a while now...Bedstuy Meets Blues Eyes.

Evolution of a Track

Remember kiddies, do like they used to and DIG IN THEM CRATES!...and sample responsibly.