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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Music To Grind To (Old School)

Ever notice that today's R&B artists don't really say shit that's interesting? What the fuck are you talking about...BEYONCE?! They don't really inspire you take that person you love (or that person you want to...y'know)and rip every piece of goddamn clothing off (take off your earrings, ankle bracelets, toe rings, body glitter, African medallions, diamond teeth, etc).

I know I'm being bias because there's some artists who do that currently, but they still don't sound quite like Barry White or Teddy Pendergrass or fucking Lou Rawls for chrissakes! WE NEED SOME FUCKING AT ART LABOE MIX TAPES!!! Or of course you could turn on the radio and listen to late night slow jams, but I don't do mainstream (#fuckyeahhippsterariel)

If I wore panties...!

Now, Dwele is the only new school cat (he's actually been around for awhile) that my ears can digest besides D'angelo and since that brotha's on crack...

I would ask for suggestions for "baby making music", but since nobody reads this shit I find it a little redundant.

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  1. I feel you on all...I'll be back for when you get some suggestions on the baby makin music. Not in a rush cuz I aint got nobody to listen to baby makin music with! LOL!!!!
    Good job on the blog, im your 1st follower!