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Sunday, June 5, 2011


I'm too old school for my own good, I really don't like today's music and especially what passes for "RAP", I believe that every artist has a responsibility to give back, and I don't mean to the community necessarily, but to the art itself and by doing that I mean just be DOPE and not WACK!! Don't be such a slave to industry and the labels. Music artists are the trend setters, not the label, not the consumers, because they don't what they want, and the labels just follow the trends of a few "hot" artists...but anyway I actually like this song and it's filled with people who usually disappoint me on a daily basis. I'll break them down as to why they do.

1) Rick Ross-God bless the fat rapper. I'm fat and I used to rap. Biggie, Chubb Rock, Heavy D used to inspire me at least physically, so I'm not mad at Rick Ross other than the fact he's on radio EVERY GODDAMN TIME I turn it on, and I won't mention his credibility as being a former Corrections Officer (which really shouldn't matter at all, but he should admit it and get over it) and the constant clowning he takes from 50 Cent don't help, but it doesn't really matter because 50 isn't any better musically than Rick Ross.

2) Kayne West-Tom foolery and all around coonery aside, musically he disappoints me the most (but that's the old man pinning for 90's Golden Age of Hip Hop at work), but I always didn't hate his music, in fact he was a very bright spot for a couple of years being a disciple of Talib Kweli and Common. However around the whole Taylor Swift fuckery, he began to forefront this really shitty produced ultra sound this side of Will-I-AM. Unfortunately, once someone goes down this darkside road of fame, success, and shitty music there's no turning back from it (Darth Vader killed his woman over shit like this), but I'll remember the two and half year Kayne West was useful to my eardrums and sense of good taste.

3)Jay Z-For years of not really liking Jay Z (and really trying to like him like everyone else) could never really "get it", but recently I figured it out. I only like him in remixes and mash ups. In my opinion it's always been a production problem with him for me, in fact ever since that Hard Knock Life song everything's been this NYC ballad (which I hate probably because I'm not from New York and I don't "get it")
But there's been a more than few Jay Z song I cringe to admit I actually have on my playlist.

4)Nicki Minaj-other than her outfits and that pink hair...I have absolutely NO problem with her period. Yeah, her songs and videos are little girly for my taste, but that's her image and it would seem to be same image that most female performers seem to have in order to be noticed, which in so many words is just entertainment. Gaga does it, Beyonce does it. Madonna and Lil' Kim did it. I just think Nicki Minaj looked way better without all that damn make up and pink wigs and shit, but her lyrical skill is not to be fucked with...EVER.

Over all this song surprised the shit out of me, its good, its really, really good, everybody lyrically came off, it's taboo, and Nicki Minaj is definitely the heavy weight of the song.


  1. "God bless the fat rapper", just brilliant! Look forward to more.

  2. Luv the commentary cousin...you always speak thew damn truth!